S2E41 - My Favorite Motorspeedway

S2E41 - My Favorite Motorspeedway

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Warm Up the Tires

1.     News 

2.     WoTW - Beitske Visser 15:42

3.     Listener Question 22:00

4.     True Crime of the IMS/Speedway: 27:37 and 1:06:00

5.     SWDMU - Unlucky Green 1:29:45


Since last we recorded, Ed Carpenter Racing got everything in order for the 2019 season. Spencer Pigot, as we previously reported, is staying in as the full time driver for the team. Jordan King though was ousted from the car, and Ed Jones with Scuderia Corsa is now in the role of Ed Carpenter Road Course Buddy…or as we will be calling it 2 Eds, 1 Car. It is, by the way, huge news that Scuderia Corsa is wadding into the waters of INDYCAR after dipping their toes in last year during the 500. Also Fuzzy’s Vodka is out, we ask you please respect Molly’s privacy as she morns the loss of her INDYCAR vodka.

A team that won’t be, is McLaren. They’ve officially said they’re not joining INDYCAR for 2019, Fernando Alonso has said he’s not doing a season of INDYCAR, and so we will see what happens as we get closer to the 500.

In sneaky makes you think news, Meyer Shank Racing has purchased another Dallara chassis… when we dive deep into all news next week it’s going to be a lot of hmms and what ifs.

Woman of the Week 15:42

Beitske Visser is a Dutch female racer. She began Karting in 2007 and from 2012-2013 was in the ADAC Formel Masters, reciving three wins and two poles. In 2013 she was part of the Red Bull junior program, but was dropped the subsequent year. She stepped into the GP3 and Formula Renault 3.5 in 2014, and finally joined BMW for the GT4 series in 2015. She is in fact the first woman to be a part of the BMW Junior Drivers program.

Something really cool we learned is that in 2016 she joined a student team at Eindoven University of Technology who were working on an electric open-wheel car. That car broke the track record at Zandvoort by going 16 seconds faster (this is the track record for the electric car).

Her goal: to be a DTM driver.

You can find Beitske on both Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: @beitskevisser

Instagram: beitskevisser 

Listener Question (Juliana)  

Juliana, our coveted driver analyst, asked us on Instagram “what female racer would (a) you like to see back in INDYCAR and/or (b) what up and coming female racer would you want to advance into INDYCAR ?”. And we had fun answering:

Abby – (a) Simona de Silvestro (b) Bruna Tomaselli and Sabre Cook

Molly – (a) Katherine Legge (b) Sabre Cook

We also posed this question to our Facebook group last week, if you’ve not thought about this question: give it some thought and let us know.

True Crimes of the IMS/Speedway 27:37

For Halloween we decided to immolate a favorite podcast of ours and do a little “My Favorite Murder” meets Speedway and talk about true crime stories that surround the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Abby discussed the Burger Chef Murders (27:37) and Molly discussed the death of Guy Trollinger and how Mari Hulman-George was involved (1:06:00) (though as a lawyer she wants to stress she’s not saying Mari Hulman-George in now way committed the murder and if your’e the Hulman-George attorney reading this “hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to see you again”).

SWDMU - Unlucky Green 1:29:45

We discussed some superstitions of tracks in an early episode (don’t leave peanut shells around), so to end our spooky episode we discussed the idea that green cars are unlucky. It involves two separate crashes. The first was a 1910 crash at the New York State Fair of a green car that killed several bystanders, and the second was the 1920 crash of Gaston Chevrolet (yep that Chevrolet) who was killed while driving a green car in a race. It is these two incidents that led to the superstition of unlucky green cars.

Guess no one told the Ed Carpenter Racing Team or the Go Daddy cars that…


S2E42 - All About the Benjamins

S2E42 - All About the Benjamins

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