S2E22 - There's More than Corn in Indiana (but not Iowa)

S2E22 - There's More than Corn in Indiana (but not Iowa)

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1) Motorsport News and Thoughts (3:18)

2) Woman of the Week - Rachel Frey (20:54)

3) SWDMU - Hurtubise 1943 and Beer (22:15)

4) Iowa (25:02)

 Motorsports News and Thoughts (3:18)

Following up on Will Power’s (Chevrolet – Team Penske) car issues at Road America, the 2018 Indy 500 winner was forced to complete only two laps during the race before ultimately retiring from the race, he had additional car troubles at Iowa. Chevrolet indicated that the issues at Road America surrounded the ignition and exhaust system, but the issues at Iowa were different issue and not related.  Sure, but it’s all back to the Chevrolet powered car. Surely things are scurrying at Chevrolet racing headquarters. Also, there’s been little said about Zachary Claman De Mello’s (Honda – Dale Coyne Racing) issue during Road America, it’ll be interesting at Iowa to see what is fixed.

We also decided it's time to stop putting so much pressure on Robert Wickens. He is a rookie as much as we all enjoy saying how good he is. This is his first year in a completely different racing style. He’s going to get that first win, and hopefully this season, but we shouldn’t be upset if he doesn’t.

Don’t forget to vote early and often for Josef Newgarden in the ESPY’s awards!

Woman of the Week - Rachel Frey (20:54)

Rachel Frey, a Swiss female racecar driver, has participated in numerous forms of racing including Euro Formula Renault 2.0; International Formula Master; German Formula 3; Audi LMS Cup Asia. Between 2004-2018 she received 11 first place finishes. She raced in DTM from 2011-2013, replacing Katherine Legge in the Audi DTM team. She was, in 2013, the first woman to win the Audi R8 LMS Cup in Asia. She’s also done a stint in Le Mans, including in 2010 when she was part of an all-female driving team for the LMGT1 category. Unfortunately, that car was forced to retired (as were all of the Ford cars that year).  

Shit We Didn't Make Up - Hurtubise 1972 and Beer (22:15)

During qualifications for the 1972 Indianapolis 500, driver Jim Hurtubise did what all fans do during the weekend – enjoyed themselves. Hurtubise had previously qualified a car and towards the end of the session had another car wheeled into line. It wasn’t uncommon to qualify multiple cares in that era. This was right before 6pm, and the car did not make it to the front of the line before the gun went off ending qualification. That was the whole point because the car’s sponsor was Miller High Life.

Hurtubise revealed that this second car had no engine block, but was instead filled with a tub of ice and beer that were shared with other drivers and pit officials. A few years later, all cars going through qualifying were given a technical inspection and a sticker indicating they had gone through inspection.


Iowa Corn 300 - #IowaCorn300 (25:02)

NASCAR likes the D. Iowa Speedway was designed with famous NASCAR track, Richmond Speedway, in mind. That’s why the 0.875 is slightly D shaped, and quite honestly drivers never stop turning. It’s the reason why it’s referred to as one of the most physically demanding tracks on the circuit.  It takes approximately 17-20 seconds to complete a lap on the track, drivers are continually in traffic and rely heavily on their spotters.

Also, the track has the second generation SAFER barrier around it, with has a better connection between pieces, more reinforcement, and smaller sections to help the barrier fit on the short tight track. For more information on the SAFER barrier, we discussed it in depth back in December.

With this race, a big issue is going to be lapped traffic. In 2016 but for a caution, Josef Newgarden (Chevrolet – Ed Carpenter Racing, at the time) would have lapped the whole field on his way to win the race. If you’re taking a lap in 17 seconds, the slower cars are going to be lapped. After Texas, Alexander Rossi (Honda – Andretti Autosport), spoke out against lapped traffic and indicated something would need to be done about lapped traffic. It’ll be interesting to watch since there is going to be lapped traffic. Also, Rossi we enjoy you, but did you forget that back in 2016 you yourself was lapped traffic and were giving some drivers heartburn as they tried to pass you? Sure lapped traffic needs to be discussed but boy there are a lot of facets to it (as we discussed earlier)

Leaving you with the Iowa Corn 300 2018 Drinking Game – enjoy responsibly.

Iowa Drinking Game 2018.png

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Photo by Julia Bielawska on Unsplash

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