S2E36 - What Kind of Season Has It Been

S2E36 - What Kind of Season Has It Been


Warm Up the Tires 

·       News 3:05

·       Review of the Season 19:45

·       Chris Griffis Day 1 41:40


We all knew Steinbrenner was looking to make the jump from IndyLights to INDYCAR with Colton Herta. Following the announcement that Harding Racing would be fielding Patricio O’Ward and Colton Herta for the Sonoma race, it became a well worn guess the two would be a part of some sort of joint team with Harding and Steinbrenner and Andretti. So it was announced. Steinbrenner/Harding with Andretti Autosport providing technical support.  

We don’t know what’s going to happen to Gabby Chaves.

INDYCAR 2018 Season Review 

We take some time to reminisce about the 5 moments, each, that stand out to us from the 2018 INDYCAR season.


St. Petersburg – our first IndyCar Nation event was the meet and greet and it led to so many wonderful opportunities for us.

Mike Hull Interview – he is an person you can sit and talk with for hours and come away more informed then you ever dreamed you could.

Portland – going to an inaugural race, flying out to the West Coast it made for an eventful weekend

Pocono – the live show was amazing even when we didn’t have audio equipment working

The Flamingo Mobile – enough said


St. Petersburg race – watching the new aero kit for the first time, sitting at the end of Turn 1 to see the cars left off the airport runway at high speed.

Bump Day – it was back and we all didn’t realize it was what we didn’t want.

May – May always is an amazing month, and this month with our media credentials and all the interviews we got to do, it was even better.

Portland – I love going to inaugural races, there’s a specific type of energy and Portland did not disappoint.

Rossi – anytime Rossi was in the back of the field (such as Phoenix, Indy500, or Sonoma) and made his way through traffic, it’s amazing to watch and something that’s only going to get better as the seasons progress.

Chris Griffis Memorial Test

We spent the day before recording at the Chris Griffis Memorial Test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The test is a two-day event for the Road to Indy. It’s to help new drivers get acclimated to the car, for all drivers to adjust to new cars, and for veterans to get some times in the car.

The test currently utilizes the IndyCar Grand Prix course at the IMS.

Notable Drivers:

·      2012: Zack Veach (Lights) and Pigot (ProMazda)

·      2013: Aaron Telitz (USF2000)

·      2014: Pigot (Lights) and O’Ward (ProMazda)

·      2015: Kyle Kaiser (Lights) and O’Ward (ProMazda)

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