S1E18 - Duals and Sacrifices

S1E18 - Duals and Sacrifices

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Some of the most interesting news to come out of the past week is the idea that we may be getting a few new teams in IndyCar. Before we could even catch our breath after the Indianapolis 500 we had word that Scuderia Corsa was looking to fill a full-time team. Then at Detroit, McLaren CEO Zak Brown was meeting with IndyCar representatives along with Gil de Ferran (and shout out to Twitter for providing the sneaks photos of the meetings! As a fan base, we can be very stalkery). 

Detroit Review - 9:53

Speaking of Detroit, the Dual in Detroit did not disappoint this year. I think everyone looks at Detroit and goes "man a week after the Indianapolis" and could nap during the race. This year though, we had a lot of things to talk about. Starting off with just the difference between Detroit (a rough street course that demands mechanical compliance) versus the IMS (very aerodynamic and close to the ground) and how the two major teams had two very different setups (Andretti Autosport had both bars disconnected for a loose car and Penske had everything connected for a very stiff car). So for the Dual in Detroit: 

  • Congratulations Marco for getting the pole for Race 1 
  • Congratulations Scott for winning Race 1 and being tied with Michael Andretti at 42 wins and in third place for overall wins 
  • Congratulations to Rossi for winning the Pole Race 2 and driving the hell out of his car in Race 1
  • RHR broke the his not-win streak and out cat-and-mouse gamed Rossi
  • Charlie - don't be a dick and apologize to the darn rookie for real 
  • Also...that pace car crash happened 

Shit We Didn't Make Up - IMS Solar Farm - 28:50

We're a bit out from Earth Day, but fun fact the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to the largest solar farm at a sporting facility. The solar farm is located on approximately twenty-five acres near the backstretch. Some impressive numbers is that it generates 9.0 megawatts of power with a carbon offset of 10,288 tons. 

Woman of the Week - Vanina Ickx - 30:36

The Belgium racer started when she was approximately twenty-one years old in the BMW Compact Cup Race. Her home track is considered to be the  24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps which she participated in from 1997-2012. She's also participated in multiple Le Mans races (including one stint with Sebastian Bourdais as a team driver) and in one race she drove a concept electric racing car. 

Most impressive to us is that she participated in the Dakar rally with her father, and both survived.

 DXC Technology 600 - 36:22

The #ClusterFuck600 is back. The drivers will be making their way to the Texas Motor Speedway by the time you're reading this, the 1.5 mile oval where the race is 372 miles but equals nearly 600km (hence the 600 and yes it's disappointing that Texas fell to the metric system). 

The past two years have been a trip. 2016 the race was red flagged and then restarted almost two months later given the schedule of IndyCar. It looked like Hinch had the race, until Graham sneaked past in the last lap and grabbed that lead from him. Last year...


This year, with an aero kit that promises a lot of closer racing...we'll see Pack Racing like we've not seen yet in this series. 

Our Picks

  • Abby 
  • First: Power
  • Top 5: Pagenaud
  • Top 10: Carpenter
  • First Out: Leist 
  • Molly 
    • First: Rossi
    • Top 5: Carpenter
    • Top 10: Pagenaud
    • First Out: Wickens 

Drinking Game 

  • Mention last years shit show or show clips
  • "Pack racing" (this is a more advanced drink)
  • If they replay the "that's adorable" clip - finish your drink

Photo by Miss Zhang on Unsplash

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