S2E20 - Hot News, Hot Cheese, Hot Takes

S2E20 - Hot News, Hot Cheese, Hot Takes

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After the DXC Technology 600, IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi (of Andretti Autosport) was interviewed, and in his post-race interview indicated that something needs to be done about the drivers who are lapped down. He spoke on this after having to deal with lapped traffic in his fight for a podium spot (he came in fourth after a valiant duel between he and Simon Pagenaud). Rossi didn’t so much provide any solid plan to deal with cars a lap or more down, but that it had to be a conversation that would most likely happen in the off season. As we discuss, lap traffic is built in to race strategy, and there probably needs to be an agreement of – if you’re so far down, don’t mess up the race leaders’ races.

The earliest teams will have input as to what can or cannot be tinkered with off season is going to be August of 2019. Though, if you read the article it seems more like it won’t be until after the season. This conversation about what teams can adjust is behind had at the same time Dhallara is looking at what they should/should not tinker with. This is something that will be addressed more robustly in the future. 

So many rumors around Formula 1 and Andretti Autosport. The latest rumors (aside from Micheal Andretti at the Canadian GP with Fernando Alonso to sweet talk him into joining IndyCar) is that with Force India in a financially dire situation – Andretti Autosport will buy them. That comes with A LOT of issues logistically…but it did provide another great theory by Abby regarding a currently IndyCar driver who may attempt the Triple Crown.

A Twitter ‘argument’ amongst fans and tracks developed the past week over the schedule of races. Texas thinks it should be right after Indy, but that weekend belongs to Penske. Everyone has opinions – including Molly who put back on her scheduler hat and got to retooling the schedule.

Woman of the Week - Laleh Seddigh

Women in Iran just recently got the opportunity to apply for a drivers license. However, one woman – Laleh Seddigh – has been racing cars for over fifteen years now. To initially start on this path, she had to receive permission from her local ayatollah (religious leader) who approved because racing isn’t a contact sport and what she had to do was adhere to the dress codes.

Her rally career started in 2000 and she’s achieved seven podiums and three first place finishes. Her racing career started in 2004 and she again achieved seven podiums and five first place finishes. Laleh credits the streets of Tehran as helping her hone her driving skills. She also sees her acceptance as a way to promote women’s rights and has taught other female drivers. We leave you with this quote: "Resistance from men does not bother me. Once I get on the track I like to use my technical skills, take control and dominate the other drivers."

 probably what driving in Tehran is like

probably what driving in Tehran is like

Shit We Didn't Make Up - 1953 Indianapolis 500

The hottest Indianapolis 500 on record was not, in fact, this year (though it felt like it), it was in 1953 where the air temperature was ninety-three degrees and the track temperature was reported to be 133 degrees. Things cook at that temperature, things meaning people. Multiple drivers had to use relief drivers. There was a death at that 500 which is in a way attributed to the heat. A car blew up in the pits, and the driver succumb to smoke inhalation and lung scaring- but the oppressive temperatures were a factor and heat exhaustion is also listed as a cause of death.

Koehler Grand Prix

Thursday we all leave for Road America in Wisconsin to see the Kohler Grand prix in person. It’s a fifty-five lap race on the permanent road course in Road America. It also is the longest track on the current schedule, coming in at 4.084 miles per lap.

In 2016 Will Power for Team Penske won the race. That race also saw Josef Newgarden, still with Ed Carpenter Racing, participate in the race after injuring his hand and having thirteen pins put in his shoulder following a horrific crash in Texas.

In 2017 Scott Dixon, American Ninja Warrior, of Chip Ganassi Racing, interrupted the Penske Party by coming in first. We all got our first view of Robert Wickens at this race who was slated to fill in for Mikhail Aleshin who had visa issues following Le Mans – but in the end Aleshin was able to complete the race for Schmidt Peterson motorsport. This was the year they also extended the race by five laps.

This year unsurprisingly Molly picked Rossi to come in first – but so did Abby! We both also picked Tony Kanaan of AJ Foyt Racing to be the First Out. For Top Five: Abby picked Scott Dixon and Molly picked Robert Wickens. For Top 10: Abby picked Will Power and Moly picked Max Chilton. We asked Molly’s dad to make picks as well since he’s joining us for the race. For first: Scott Dixon. Top five: Will Power. Top Ten: Simon Pagenaud. First Out: Charlie Kimball. Our guest picks have a tendency to do better than us – so we’ll see.

Finally – the Drinking Game

Kohler GP Drinking Game 2018 (1).jpg

Again we’re partnering with IndyCar Nation this week so please watch our social media (links are up top of this page) for announcements on events. Also if you’re not a member – you should totally sign up.

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