S2E1 - Off We Go

S2E1 - Off We Go

Season 2 Episode 1 - Off We Go

 News (1:21)

In a not-surprising announcement, Dreyer Reinbold Racing named Sage Karem for one of their two rides for the Indianapolis 500. DRR has had Karem as their driver for past Indy 500s. This puts my unofficial tally to thirty (30) named and confirmed rides. This doesn’t include DRR’s second ride; the second driver Harding hints about; Jordan King, Zachary Claman DeMelo, or Renee Binder (who all have rides during the season but the 500 isn’t confirmed); and not does it include perennial drivers such as Buddy Lazier or Pippa Mann.



It’s a great pairing; Thom Burns Racing had been sneaking on social media (and whoever is handling their Twitter – deserves a raise). They’re partnering with Dale Coyne Racing with the Air Force to be the primary sponsor. For the amazingly patriotic Conor – the Air Force is a great fit. How excited are we to cheer for Conor at the 500? Super Excited.

Adding in Conor thanks to the recent and amazing announcement, we’re above thirty-three cars.

Please stop saying we’re not going to have bumping if you haven’t heard it from Jay Frye himself. STOP IT.

DRR also indicated they wanted to have a full time program in IndyCar, another team talking about joining is great news! Add a team and an the OEM we all keep talking about and we’re going to start to increase drivers in the coming years.

Speaking of great things- have you checked out the Fast Four? Because it’s amazing.

St. Petersburg (22:18)


It’s time! It’s time for the season to start at St. Petersburg, the season opener. 1.8 miles, 14 turns, 110 laps for a 198 mile race. It’s so close that perhaps if you’re reading this we’ll be on the road to St. Petersburg. Love kicking off the season in the sun, sad that it’s the slowest race on the calendar though. Last year it was a bit of a shit show, with Kimball and Rahal getting caught up at corner two on the first lap. Collecting Munoz, Castroneves, Jones, and Aleshin. Power started from the pole but in the end Bourdais won with Pagenaud behind them (go #UnofficiallyTeamFrance ?).


As far as the 2018 race, with this new car, new challenges present themselves. The new car gives drivers some more work in hard brake zones, and St. Petersburg has at least two hard braking zones. As far as our choices for this race:


  • First - Power
  • Top 5 - Newgarden
  • Top 10 - Hinch
  • First Out - Kimball


  • First - Dixon
  • Top 5 - Power
  • Top 10 - Rossi 
  • First Out - Kimball 

Woman of the Week - Mari Hulman George (24:33)

Of course to kick of Season 2, we chose Mari Hulman George for our Woman of the Week. The former Chairwoman of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the current chairwoman emeritus. She held the chairwomanship position from 1988 through 2016, inheriting the position after the death of her father Tony Hulman. If you’ve been to the IMS in the past years, she’s the lovely older woman who called out “Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines”.

Outside of the track Mari Hulman George is a noted animal philanthropist who is involved in helping animals displaced by natural disasters. She is so heavily involved that the Indiana State Department of Homeland Security named their search-and-rescue training facility after her. She also regularly donates to St. Mary-of-the-Wood’s college, of which she is an alumnus, and they’ve named her equestrian center after her.

We also tell a story we found on Wikipedia, but aren’t sure if it’s true or not so…listen to the podcast.

Shit We Didn’t Make Up (36:41)

A handful of people can say that they’re a three-time Indy 500 winner, but only one person can say they won the Indianapolis 500 three times, but did not complete the race each time. Johnny Rutherford won the race in 1974, 1976, and 1980. In 1976 the race ended early because of rain, stopping at lap 102 which only had them finish 255 miles. This is also the shortest race ever on record.

Well everyone, hopefully we’ll see you in St. Petersburg, stop us and say “hi”!

1.    News (0:56:5)

2.    St Petersburg (22:18)

3.    Woman of the Week - Mari Hulman George (31:00)

4.    SWDMU - Johnny Rutherford's 3 wins (36:41)

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