S2E3 - Tiny Houses and Big Race Car Dreams

S2E3 - Tiny Houses and Big Race Car Dreams

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Maggie Daniels Try it Tiny Interview 2:47

Maggie Daniels of Try it Tiny allowed us to interview her both on the Tiny House movement and putting Tiny Houses at IndyCar tracks. Try it Tiny connects people with the opportunity to rent a tiny house or share their land with tiny house enthusiasts. Tiny Houses are all about minimal lifestyle, and she stumbled into IndyCar after having a small plot of land last year near the track and put some houses on them with friends.

They announced the partnership with the IMS at the end of January, and mid-February they were sold out. You can catch them at Bristol for NASCAR. They’re also going to be at Gateway, this seems amazing so get in on it.

St Pete Lingering Thoughts and News 15:00

A few additional thoughts linger about the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, including that Scott Dixon is turning into a GOAT (since he doesn’t like being thought of as a legend). He had a drive thru penalty, a restart from the back penalty, contact with Sato, a spin out, and six pit stops – and finished sixth. It was also a good race for Honda, they landed eight out of the top ten spots; different from the prior aero kit. Also the two women in MRTI, Bruna Tomaselli and Sabre Cook, had good showings with Bruna coming in seventh and fifteenth in both races and Sabre coming in fifteenth and seventeenth. 

More Indianapolis 500 news! Pippa is officially in driving with DCR and Donate Life Indiana. Helio is also driving the yellow submarine car, here’s hoping it’ll bring him luck. The total of cars with official drivers and announcements is now at thirty-two, and we’ve got at least three more cars coming. So we’re having bumping, we’ve been telling the internet to stop freaking out and finally IndyCar CEO Mark Miles has said “there will be bumping” sure it won’t be like the prior years were we had a bunch of cars getting the boot – but someone’s not going to be racing on Sunday.

Few more points about the 500, for $750 you can watch from the fancy new Turn 3 suites which include a tented area, suite accommodations, and parking pass. Also,(ABC is OUT after 2018, they’ve been involved with the 500 since 1965, and second in length of the partnership only to the Masters. So ESPN? Fox? Amazon? Netflix? The series needs a new sponsor, Amazon could step up. Bezos is looking at Indianapolis for H2, why not go all in and sponsor IndyCar as well? (as we taped this we learned TV decisions will be made right after we drop our episode because pretty sure Mark Miles hates us...)

F1 starts this Sunday. Get up at 1am EST to see the Grid Kids – or go online and see that F1 Twitter is already in meltdown.

Fun Times – Sponsorship and Livery 1:02:30

Because we wanted to we decided who would be our sponsors if we were racers (fyi our racing team is Amazon Prime Racing). Abby’s going to be sponsored by a casino company, Meijer, and Crocs. Molly will be sponsored by Folgers, CVS/CareMark and Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland #NoFreeAds

What would yours be? Let us know via twitter (@FastCarsin317) or Instagram (@FastCarsFastGirls) or Facebook or via the comment section below!

Woman of the Week 1:18:54

Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney, is also the First Lady of Drag Racing. She became the first woman to receive a license from the NHRA for a top-fuel dragster in 1973. Also won the championship in 1977, 1980, and 1982 becoming the first person to win a championship three-times.

She unofficially started racing in 1950, and officially started in 1958. She received her first NHRA License in 1964. Twenty years later, Shirley suffered an accident that crushed her pelvis, legs, and hands. She then continued to race from the 1980s through 2003 when she retired.

She also shut up all men who talked about women in racing with some choice quotes we lay out in the podcast.  

Shit We Didn’t Make Up 1:23:49

Longstanding policy, 1911-1973, was the Indianapolis 500 was held "Never on a Sunday". In 1974, during the midst of the energy crisis, which flipped all of the schedules, the 500 was ultimately scheduled for May 26, a Sunday.

The race itself? AJ Foyt started from the pole, and broke the consecutive streak by starting 17 races; he would go on to start 35 races. Johnny Rutherford won driving for McLaren. They also had to change a rule as fans apparently would jump onto the track at the end of the race, and this started a change in the rules where instead of having the cars finish their 500 miles, once the winner crossed all cars were allowed to complete their lap and that was it. 

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

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