S1E40 - Where Will You Be for IndyCar 2018 Season

S1E40 - Where Will You Be for IndyCar 2018 Season

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  2. Main Topic: what 2018 races are we excited for 21:30
  3. Woman of the week: Nellie Goins ("Nitro Nellie) 44:56
  4. Shit We Didn't Make Up - Political Figures at the Indy 500 51:44

Last episode of Season 1 (which we realized halfway through taping this episode), so big thanks to everyone still on this journey with us and those we’ve met along the way.

There’s been a lot of discussions still about more engines in IndyCar, and now Cosworth, which is an engine manufacturer, has said they’d like to get into the IndyCar game. They had prior experience with ChampCar and with the IRL back in 2005, the Chevrolet V8s. What they need is an engine manufacturer, and with Alfa Romeo wanting to get into the IndyCar, that is a match made in heaven.

Okay everyone, welcome to the realization that we’ve already been saying – bumping is happening this year for the Indy 500. Jay Howard made a non-official official announcement he’ll be with Schmidt Peterson Motorsport. Counting him and the two yet to be named Dreyer Reinbold Racing our count is at 31. There is a handful still out there (DCR has indicated they’d have another car and other teams may have a one-off), and a lot of people have come up to 36 cars. Also, people seem to think that they’re going to just let everyone in. That. Is. Not. Going. To. Happen.

The Daytona 500 happened, it sucked because there were a lot of cautions and they’re doing a stupid stage racing thing. It was also Danica’s last race, oh and the TV numbers were down. But those last two things aren’t connected. The stage racing (which everyone hates) is the reason the TV numbers are down. Darell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. finished second place, making this the highest finish by an African American driver in NASCAR. He was also adorable in his press conference and cried and hugged his mom.

We have all the concerts for the Indy 500 now!!

Legends Day is Sam Hunt (“Body Like a Back Road” and “House Party”) and we had to do a special recording because WE ALSO KNOW CARB DAY!!

Train and Blues Traveler – we will be getting our groove on!!

We discuss our favorite races for 2018, and we’re really excited about pretty much all of them (except the second Detroit race because you know right after the Indy 500 it’s just too much).

Woman of the Week

Nellie "Nitro Nellie" Goins, who was originally from Gary Indiana. She is most famous for being the first African-American woman to drive in the funny car category in NHRA. It was first a 1968 Barracuda and then a 1970 Dodge Charger. Her husband was actually the one who wanted to race, but given his diabetes, he couldn’t race so Nellie became the racer. Their children were the pit crew, and she only raced for a few years before he husband’s illness got so bad that she had to retire.

We also had some quick female racer news: Christina Nielsen was recently named a select driver for Porsche, and is the first female to be associated with the factory. Tatiana Calderon recently signed with Jenzer Motorsport for GP3, and is a driver representative with the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission. 

Shit We Didn't Make Up

Some shit we didn’t make up: both VP Mike Pence and President Donald Trump have been involved with the Indy 500. VP Pence, a Hoosier native, has regularly attended the race and even attended last year’s race (which was announced like the night before sending everyone into “omg is this going to screw everything up” panic). And Donald Trump, in 2011, was slated to drive the pace car but he did back out (google it – it’s an interesting thing to research).

Bonus Shit We Didn't Make Up - Races we're going to be in person   

  • St. Pete 
  • GP of Indy 
  • Indy 500 
  • Road America 
  • Mid-Ohio
  • Pocono
  • Gateway
  • Portland 
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S2E1 - Off We Go

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