Breakups Ruin Everything

Breakups Ruin Everything

S1E38 - Breakups Ruin Everything

Before we talk about heartache, let’s talk about brighter topics – literally and figuratively. On Monday, February 5, 2018, all liveries got revealed. We love them all, but that snazzy green on Pigot’s Fuzzy car is pretty special (it’s actually the same shade we wear for St. Patrick’s Day!). We also got the information on the Dale Coyne shared ride between ZCD and Fittipaldi. . . annnnnnd Fittapaldi decided to say his main goal is to drive for F1 but he’s happy to race for IndyCar…

…we hate him …

Scott Dixon tested the new windshield (which please internet it’s still in Beta testing unlight the pitchforks and disperse the mob!), the two things picked up from the testing was (1) no air flow so it gets pretty hot and (2) no issue with glare. The heat issue can be fixed, and excellent to see there are no glare issues.

Finally, things are again afoul in F1 world (or still afoul have they calmed down yet?). The WEC moved the 6 Hours of Fuji so it didn’t conflict with the US Grand Prix…but now it conflicts with Petite Le Mans so drivers are upset. F1 decided the replacement for Grid Girls would be Grid Kids…and the internet wasn’t happy.

You know who else wasn’t happy? EVERYONE AFTER THE CART/IRL SPLIT. We’re still not happy, and our side won! So very much has been written about this issue that we’re not going to rehash it (just listen to the darn episode). It comes to this: CART split from USAC because the Team Owners felt they weren’t being represented properly so they formed their own group. Tony George decided to try and fix things, the first time he just sorta thought about an overarching group and that was rejected, then after CART disrespected the Indy 500 Tony George took his ball (the IMS) and went home to form Indy Racing League. Multiple court cases ensued including trademark fights, fights over who could be in the Indy 500, and ultimately two different Bankrupty filings where CART finally just went under and was absorbed by IRL and we’re all one big happy family (except all CART fans remember, the US 500 was never, and will never, be as good as the Indy 500).

By the way, this split, is why NASCAR has the viewership edge of IndyCar. That is something all sides agree with.

We end with of course our Woman of the Week, Billye Jean Dent Armstrong who was the first African American woman to compete in a nationally televised NHRA event. She started in the late 50s, retired in 75, and then came back in 95 because she is an all around bad ass. Her two nick names were “Mean” Billy Jean Dent Armstrong and the “fastest Black woman in the east”.

And of course, a little shit we didn’t make up about the IMS sponsoring some cars, waaaaay back in 1919 when it was called the Liberty 500 Mile Sweepstakes. They fielded three cars, called the IMS Premier car. In the 1919 race, Howard “Howdy” Wilcox, drove one of those cars to victory. That just makes us think #IsItMayYet


News – 1:18

CART/IRL Split – 22:16

Woman of the Week: Billye Jean Dent Armstong – 40:15

Shit We Didn’t Make Up: IMS sponsored Cars: 43:07

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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