S2E42 - All About the Benjamins

S2E42 - All About the Benjamins

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Warm Up the Tires

  1. News 

  2. Silly Season 8:34

  3. Listener Question: How much does racing cost 30:51

  4. WoTW 54:00

  5. SWDMU 1:00:25


Schmidt Peterson Motorsport came in fast with the feelings this week. They announced that Marcus Ericsson will be driving the #7 car for SPM during the 2019 season. Not the #6 because they’re holding that car for Robert Wickens (we’re not crying – you’re crying).  

Marco Andretti is taking his first step into team lead role as the #98 is now going to be known as the Andretti Herta Autosport w/ Marco Andretti & Curb-Agajanian. Please don’t make me say/type that ever again. It will be henceforth known as the AHAMACA (pronounced “aha” “maca”).  

Silly Season 8:23

Looking back at all the news in the past weeks we wonder about the spots that need filled, the drivers who still don’t have rides, and of course we keep an eye towards the 500 and wonder if we’ll have bumping again (we will!)

Listener Question 30:51

Chad reached out to us on Instagram to ask us the following questions:

  1. What do the budgets of a race team look like? (i.e. cars, personnel, travel, etc)

  2. How does a race team make money? 

  3. How much does a sponsor really have to pay to be on a car? 

  4. Is it better to be a "shitty" driver and bring funds or an amazing driver and bring nothing to the table?


This was a deep dive that ended up putting Molly in multiple rabbit holes, including YouTube, Reddit, and TrackForum…but it was pretty eye opening. A LOT of money is spent on racing, and sponsors pay a LOT of money. She’s working on putting everything together for a very well rounded write up keep an eye on her blog.

As to the final question, we had these thoughts: what needs to happen is the series should somehow evolve so that finding sponsorship is not solely on the driver but the team should step up. A great driver who can’t nail down sponsorship won’t get a ride and that is unfortunate.

We are so thankful for the questions we received. Feel free to ask questions through any of our social media or you can email right from this website. Also join the conversation over on our Facebook page where we’ll be posting this very question in a few days!


Woman of the Week 54:00

Molly Taylor

Everything from Australia may be trying to kill you, but all racers from Australia are just here to win races. Molly Taylor is no exception! Her father was a rally driver, and her mother was a 4-time rally champion co-driver, so it should be no surprise that she went into rally driving. Highlights of her career include: First woman to win a heat in the Australian Rally, first woman to win the National Capital Rally in Canberra, first woman (and the youngest driver) to win the Australian Rally Championship, and the first driver from outside the United Kingdom to win the British Ladies Rally Champion.  From reading up on her, she loves Rally driving…and I think we love her too!

Stay tuned, Molly plans on doing a more robust write up of Molly Taylor (yep same names!) that should be posted on her blog on November 12th.

SWDMU 1:00:25

Brickyard Grand Prix

There is an inside joke we have about our friend Doug T. always asking IMS President J. Douglass Boles when they’re going to have an IMSA race at the Speedway. A few weeks ago, when this was all ready on our internal schedule, we made the crack and Doug T. said “that [expletive] Brickyard Grand Prix doesn’t count”. While it may not count for him – we have had endurance races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The races were run from 2012 to 2014 as support races to the NASCAR Brickyard 400 (both races were held on Friday). The main race was the Brickyard Grand Prix, a 3-hour sports car race that used the grand prix circuit of the IMS. The second race was a Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge that ran for 2.5 hours. Some familiar names who raced are: Sebastian Bourdais (who won the inaugural race in the DP class), Jack Hawksworth, Townsend Bell, James Davison, Scott Sharp, Christian Fittipaldi, Bruno Janqueria, and Sage Karem.

The race may not count to Doug T., but I bet it counts for those drivers.


 Holidays are fast approaching, keep being you everyone!

Holidays are fast approaching, keep being you everyone!

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