S1E13 - Ovals Separate the Men from Boys (and Women from Girls)

The excitement of an oval speed show (thanks ABC Supply 500!) lingers through this whole podcast. We recap one of the most insane races we’ve ever seen. How wide were they at the start? Are there any rules in that pit area? Is Hinchcliffe the greatest there ever was (quite possibly)? Is Will Power using witchcraft? Also – yep Conor’s car is haunted. We talk about some female hotrod racers, how the “don’t send angry messages to Race Control” was a rule written for people like us…and Abby reads the card she got Molly for her birthday. Hold on – Bommarito is going to be just as crazy (we have some fun with double entendres) and Molly’s heading to St. Louis to watch the race and celebrate her birthday! Enjoy!

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